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  • An employee with an unpredictable temper?
  • A colleague with a different culture?
  • A controlling and oversensitive manager?
  • An associate who does not want to be challenged anymore?
  • A young rising star with a contempt problem?
  • A senior fearing and refusing change?


Because a human being,
this emotional creature who does not want to lose face,
tends to isolate himself when facing uncertainty or insecurity,
here come communication problems and interpersonal tensions.


Feeling like you tried everything in your power?
Under the impression that there are no more options?
Facing an ultimatum?


Solutions exist to solve collaboration issues and interpersonal conflicts in your workplace.




Aligning with Yourself

A communication that is authentic and well-aligned asks of you to be self-aware and in synch with your core values. It also requires a real will to change.


Learn to express yourself without hesitation

Dealing with emotions and their impact

Identify the needs hidden below the emotions

Take responsability for your needs to answer

Show a strong will to change


” To define what is truly important for you is only half of the affirmation process of those reasons. Susan David

bonhomme têtecoeur

Aligning with Others

To implement real interpersonal changes, your communication style needs to reflect who you are and needs to take into consideration the other person needs.


Develop your personal approach to share your needs and goals

Create a method to interact with others

Insist on the basic values: listening, respect and open-mindedness

Focus on your strengths and skills to stay aligned

Implement this personalized interaction method


 Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud. ” Herman Hesse


confrontational Collaboration

When an issue is becoming increasingly important, it is also gaining emotional weight, which can challenge communication channels.

To maintain your productivity and avoid an increasing turnover rate, it is essential to invest in developing strong collaboration strategies and excellent daily interactions in the workplace.. Your teamworkers make all the difference!

My role is to be a human translator as becoming the bridge between you and the others; a relational facilitator allowing you to collaborate in a context of diversity (personalities, values, cultures, generations, methods); a coach of interaction as making sure you are able to position yourselves with authenticity and leadership.

A close guidance gives the tools and strategies you need to decrease tensions and conflicts,to start healthy conversations and maintain a collaborative work climate, under any circumstances.

Examples of Strategies
  • Reformulation
  • Turn-taking
  • Humor
  • Workplace intervention
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops
Coaching ind


Do you know how to communicate efficiently under any circumstances, no matter the speaker in front of you?

Individual coaching allows to be personaly challenged on the communication style, verbal and non verbal reactions and interactions.

Examples of topics
  • Increase your listening
  • Develop your emotional intelligence and agility
  • Understand the role of Empathy in a workplace
  • Build trusting relationships with your colleagues
  • Develop a complicity with your collaborators
  • Communicate with transparency and leadership




Do you know exactly what is blocking a fluid collaboration within your team?

Do you know how to improve you work climate?

To identify and recognize as a group the issues enhances cohesion, stimulates new solutions and empower, since every member of the team is part of the process.

Examples of topics
  • Identify common irritants and issues
  • Harmonize comprehension and methods
  • Align your strategic vision
  • Solve problems together
  • Develop new communication practices



Coaching groupe



Are you comfortable to address the topics of interaction, tension and conflict in your team?

Will you be the one designated to inform an individual that his behaviour in the workplace is inappropriate?

Establishing new practices requires sometimes to call an expert to obtain new strategies, initiate a real change and access a whole new level.

Examples of topics
  • Facing change : How to Diverge
  • Facing change : How to Converge
  • Amplify the potential of your authentic strengths 
  • Collaborate in a MULTI environment:

*Custom-made content available




Are you able to recognize and neutralize tensed signals?

Do you feel a necessity to address a growing issue without establishing a climate of fear?

To relign common values, initiate a new practice or address a problem differently, a storytelling conference is a great tool to engage and gather.

Examples of topics
  • Creation of value and Sens making: tell me a story!
  • Exploring a concern from sunrise to sunset
  • Reinvent your role
  • Managing my team without walls

*Custom-made content available



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Interaction coaching

We don’t see things as they are,

we see them as we are.

- Anaïs nin