Despite our age, experience, and different life situations, and despite all the training, workshops, and other courses we may have taken, communicating can still be a challenge. Why? Here are 3 reasons that explain why the act of communication can be a strain. 1. Your energy level Many things can cause your energy level to […]

It’s a well known fact that the Québécois love to laugh. An ironic and teasing sense of humour is one of the hallmarks of our culture. Coming from a more hierarchical society, where interactions are more formal, our French cousins are sometimes surprised by the relaxed and fun atmosphere in our work places. It is […]

What is emotional intelligence? The trailblazers Mayor and Salovey (1997) defined it as the ability to perceive and express emotions, integrate emotions to facilitate thinking, understand and reason with emotions, and control one’s own and others’ emotions. Another champion of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, further developed the concept in an article published in the Harvard […]

As we mentioned in last month’s article on the hiring process, the arrival of a new employee requires time and thought on the manager’s part to ensure the newcomer’s success as a member of the team. You’re convinced you chose the best candidate out of all who were interviewed? Wonderful! You have the feeling that […]

Although it can be stressful, the process of hiring a new employee is a great opportunity. As a manager, you want to find and attract a person who will represent added value for your company. The steps you will take before composing the official job posting are an opportunity for you to take stock of […]

Many organizations brag about their transparent, “open-book” management style. Some people insist they are totally transparent, because they never refuse to answer a question. But, what, exactly, does it mean to be transparent? Is it leaving a mark, or taking a position when asked? As with most abstract ideas, we need to reflect before coming […]

Some people tend to focus mainly on getting a message from point A to point B, while others are anxious to establish a connection and interact with the other person. Your communication style inevitably affects how your relationships develop. Here are two conclusions drawn from a survey Commorg conducted in September 2015 with 104 respondents […]

Standards, rules, procedures, established ways of doing things, work methods: the work environment is governed by many limits and frameworks that assure organizational cohesion and order. So, what can you do when some of these limits seem outdated or inadequate, but no one is willing to say anything about it?  You don’t have to be […]

Writing a simple email message can be problematic if it results in confusion or misinterpretation. To avoid these pitfalls, here are some quick tips for effective written communications. An article posted last January on the Business Insider website recommends that email messages should always be written so that readers can easily read AND answer from […]

In recent years, the word “constructive” was added because some people took advantage of this tool to let off steam about whatever was bothering them. Constructive means that your goal is to arrive at solutions for the problem being addressed, or at least be willing to work together to find a mutually satisfying solution. People […]